Confidence, Knowledge, Impact

You might be someone who has recently completed a Yoga Teacher Training. I still remember how I felt and the head space I was in. You are probably excited, inspired to teach but might also feel somewhat hesitant. Often after the first training you graduate with a realisation that this is just the beginning and there is so much more to learn.

But where to begin?

You might be asking yourself:
“How can I become a more effective teacher?”
“Do I know enough to keep my students safe?”
“How can I manage a class with so many different bodies in the room?”
“Why do people look so different in the poses? Are those poses right for them? Do I need to adjust my students in the poses or adjust what I am offering?”
“How do I adjust safely and effectively?”

And there are probably a few more like that…

Group trainings are a common way to start off on your yoga teaching journey. Afterwards, it is greatly beneficial to continue with a more individualised approach to develop your strengths, to shine the light on areas not covered by your first training and to be challenged to grow.