Workshop topics.

For Safe and Effective Practice

I run a number of workshops throughout the year (see Schedule page for dates), some locally in Wellington and some around New Zealand and Australia. For some of them, I cooperate with one of the top physiotherapists in the country Susan Simpson through our venture We also work together with an osteopath Chris Nash to offer you a complete package of assessing your body’s overall alignment and working towards unravelling restricted movement patterns and reversing the effects of our sedentary life style.

For us, these workshops are not just about how to do yoga postures correctly. They are about educating the participants about basic but fundamental principles of what is important for musculoskeletal and physiological balance in the body, freedom of movement and pain-free live. These workshops will provide you with the tools you can easily apply in your daily life and your practice to work towards that balance and have an intelligent, informed and sustainable yoga practice that works for your body.

Besides the workshops, I also offer immersions that focus on more subtle aspects of the practice and include techniques from Qigong and Calligraphy Yoga to improve breathing, circulation and digestion, relieve pain, anxiety and tension while building up internal energetic reserves.

Please get in touch if you would like to see one (or more) of the workshops below offered at your studio.